Creating A Space For Gender Nonconforming AFABs

Welcome Star-Being!

 Welcome to the Courageous Embodiment Podcast, a place for gender nonconforming AFABs (Assigned Female At Birth) to just be their fucking selves. I’m your host Alyssa Lilly, and I am so excited and honored to announce this podcast. It has been my mission to create a safe space where gender nonconforming AFABs, like myself, are priority instead of an afterthought.

I am a self embodiment coach and cyclical living expert. I pride myself in creating this container to be a place for us to be honest about our journey, what we’re going through and the reality of some of the challenges we face. This is where you can learn about your body in a way that you’re not being misgendered and is as minimally triggering as possible.

Finding Support As A Gender Nonconforming AFAB

All of the coaches that I can find that address topics like menstrual health are women driven. There’s not a container that I have found where there is a program or a coach that tailors their content where gender nonconforming AFABs feel safe, where we are the priority, where we’re using gender neutral terminology, or where we’re addressing the elephant in the room of gender dysphoria.

Connecting with your body doesn’t just happen overnight.

It is so hard because we see on social media and everywhere around us – “Love your body.”

But, when the gender you are doesn’t align with the meat suit you were born with, it’s hard to love your body. It’s fucking difficult.

I am making my mission to create content for you to learn how to work up to loving your body, or at least work up to a mutually beneficial relationship with your body, because it’s so important.

You deserve to feel good all month long.

You deserve to live a thriving life and to get out of this isolation.

We try to learn about our bodies, we try to learn about our wellness, and we’re isolated because it’s for “women.” We’re isolated for being gender nonconforming. If your pronouns don’t match with your meat suit, then you’re even more isolated going to medical professionals.

This makes you feel like you’re alone and you’re not.

All of that to say – welcome to this space where you are accepted and welcomed in with open arms.

You are so loved. I see you. Your identity, your soul, your essence is valid.

You are meant to take up so much space, and I wanna be here to remind you of that and to inspire you to stand in your full power and radically embody who you are.

I will see you on the next episode, Star-Being!

Alyssa Lilly


PODCAST and BLOG disclaimer: While I make every effort to broadcast correct information, I am still learning.  I will double check all my facts but realize that research and methods are a constantly changing science and art.  One coach or professional may have a different way of doing things from another.  I am simply presenting my views that will be as evidence based as possible. I welcome any comments, suggestions, or correction of errors. By listening to this podcast or reading this blog, you agree not to use this podcast or blog as medical advice to treat any medical condition in either yourself or others. Consult your own physician for any medical issues that you may be having. This entire disclaimer also applies to any guests or contributors to the podcast or blog.  Under no circumstances shall Alyssa Durham, Beautiful and Courageous LLC, any guests or contributors to the podcast or blog, or any employees, associates, or affiliates of Beautiful and Courageous LLC be responsible for damages arising from use of the podcast or blog.

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Non-binary STAR-BEING (they/them), nature lover, witch, parent of 2 littles.

Hi, I'm Alyssa Lilly.
Your New Self Embodiment Coach.

I am OBSSESSED with helping fellow gender nonconforming AFABs embrace their cyclical SUPERPOWER! I am sick and tired of our health and wellness spaces being toxic and overly gender dysphoric, so I am creating the container for you to learn about your body in a safe space!

I am a non-binary Star-Being, certified health coach, AFAB hormone health expert, creator of the Beautiful & Courageous YOU method, mind-body connection specialist, co-founder of the Weaving Magick Podcast and self embodiment advocate.

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