Embracing Your Cyclical Superpower

Welcome to the Courageous Embodiment Podcast, where we delve into the profound connection between your cycle, the seasons, and the moon. In this week’s captivating episode, we unlock the secrets of your body’s natural rhythms while addressing critical issues that affect AFAB (assigned female at birth) individuals. Join me and let’s challenge harmful stereotypes, break down barriers, and empower yourself on the journey toward embracing your true self. In this episode we will dive into:

Harnessing the Power of Your Cycle

Discover the untapped potential within your cycle and embark on a transformative journey of self-acceptance and empowerment. Explore the magic of your cyclical superpower and learn how to tap into its innate strength. Say goodbye to hating your cycle and feeling disconnected from your body and gender as we guide you toward reclaiming control and embracing your authenticity.

Confronting Stereotypes and Invalidation

Unravel the impact of weight-based stereotypes perpetuated by doctors and reclaim your voice in healthcare. Overcome the unique challenges faced by AFAB individuals who are gender non-conforming and navigate a body that may not always align with your identity. Together, let’s challenge harmful practices and empower you to be heard and understood.

The Personal Struggles of Dysphoria and Shame

Explore the deeply personal battles with dysphoria and shame, regardless of how you identify. Create a safe space to heal and gain valuable insights, resources, and unwavering support. Through understanding and self-discovery, we can overcome these obstacles and reclaim our authentic selves.

Unlocking the True Superpowers of Your Cycle

This episode of the Courageous Embodiment Podcast is essential for anyone seeking to harness the power of their cycle and navigate the complex world of gender and healthcare. Join us on this enlightening journey to rewrite societal narratives, celebrate the strength and beauty of being AFAB, and unleash the full potential of your cyclical superpowers.

Embracing your cyclical superpower goes beyond personal growth; it sparks a revolution. Join me and let’s challenge norms, empower one another, and create a future where AFAB individuals thrive in their diverse forms. Tune in to this week’s episode of the Courageous Embodiment Podcast to unlock your true potential. Navigate the intricacies of AFAB hormone health, foster self-embodiment, and build a world where everyone can confidently shine in their authenticity.

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With love,

Alyssa Lilly


PODCAST and BLOG disclaimer: While I make every effort to broadcast correct information, I am still learning.  I will double check all my facts but realize that research and methods are a constantly changing science and art.  One coach or professional may have a different way of doing things from another.  I am simply presenting my views that will be as evidence based as possible. I welcome any comments, suggestions, or correction of errors. By listening to this podcast or reading this blog, you agree not to use this podcast or blog as medical advice to treat any medical condition in either yourself or others. Consult your own physician for any medical issues that you may be having. This entire disclaimer also applies to any guests or contributors to the podcast or blog.  Under no circumstances shall Alyssa Durham, Beautiful and Courageous LLC, any guests or contributors to the podcast or blog, or any employees, associates, or affiliates of Beautiful and Courageous LLC be responsible for damages arising from use of the podcast or blog.

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Hi, I'm Alyssa Lilly.
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I am OBSSESSED with helping fellow gender nonconforming AFABs embrace their cyclical SUPERPOWER! I am sick and tired of our health and wellness spaces being toxic and overly gender dysphoric, so I am creating the container for you to learn about your body in a safe space!

I am a non-binary Star-Being, certified health coach, AFAB hormone health expert, creator of the Beautiful & Courageous YOU method, mind-body connection specialist, co-founder of the Weaving Magick Podcast and self embodiment advocate.

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