I'm an AFAB Self Embodiment Coach + Cyclical Living Expert who is obsessed with helping gender nonconforming AFABs reconnect with their body + unlock their cyclical superpower!

hey, I'm Alyssa

After having an extreme reaction to birth control that only made my pain worse and caused me to uncontrollably gain weight, I was defeated. Birth control was not an option for me and I was gaslit over and over because of this.

"Are you sticking to your diet?"
"Are you exercising?"
"Just lose weight."
"Are you sure you don't want to try this other birth control?"

Every doctor and resource telling me it's my fault and that the answer was simple. Let me tell you - I was going to fucking lose it if one more person told me to "just LOSE WEIGHT."

Everywhere I went they told me to lose weight or take birth control...

After years of monthly debilitating pain I finally got answers - well sorta. I found a doctor that tested my hormones and diagnosed me with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), but that was it. No explanation, no strategy, no treatment plan.

My story began the moment I looked at my life sentence to cycle pain and finally said F this!

Having bits of my cervix yanked out and tested every 3-6 months to ensure I didn't have cancer and the reality that my partner and I would never have kids... This was a low point for me.

I was sticking to all the "diet" plans and fell into a spiral of depression because it all felt like it was my fault. Was this pain and staring down the barrel of cancer going to be a life sentence for me? Is this really it?

Then my diagnosis grew. I was faced with infertility, colposcopies & potential cancer.


My Family

And this doesn't even begin to touch the abysmal health care and biases we receive as AFABs or the intimidation & dysphoria of it all if we don't identify as women. We live in a world that has deeply ingrained hatred for AFABs, especially gender nonconforming ones. - and it runs deep. 

We are literally trapped in a system rigged against the way our bodies actually work!

I began going to school to become a health coach and to study AFAB hormone health. I read every book and case study I could get my hands on and the knowledge I gained blew my mind! The entire diet and exercise culture we live in is designed for and tested on the AMAB (Assigned Male At Birth) body and doesn't even work for AFABs (Assigned Female At Birth)!

That was the moment it all changed for me - I decided to take my health into my own hands!

The good news is - our pain is not a life sentence! There is a way to navigate our health that actually works!

Unlock Your Superpower & Vanquish Cycle Pain

For AFABs who are tired of the bullshit and ready to uncover the secrets of their body in a safe and inclusive space!

Free Mini Series

    Finally given the freedom of regular pap smears instead of colposcopies every 3 to 6 months. I am going to be honest, I am over the moon that I do not have to have chunks of my cervix ripped out and tested anymore.

    Learning how the AFAB body actually works has allowed me to not only manage my weight, my cycle symptoms, but it has also given me more energy than I have ever had before AND has been a vital part of healing my past wounds to reach a state of radical self embodiment!

    I can't wait to share this wisdom with you! 

    My doctor actually told me at my last visit that it looks like I have a whole new cervix!

    Yes, you read that correctly! After years of abysmal diagnosis with no resolution in sight - I took my health in my own hands and turned my life around. My hormones are balanced, I have been able to carry my children, and my cycles are regular + pain free!

    Using my method, I am now cancer scare free, pain free, no more colposcopies & I birthed my 2 littles!

    This is not to say women can't benefit from my offerings, but that gender nonconforming AFABs are what everything is tailored for. This incudes gender neutral terms, the reality of gender dysmorphia, especially with our cycle, and other topics that NEED a space to be priority.  That space is here!

    Look, I know it can be very difficult to learn about your body when you don't align with your bits.  With me, we take this journey one step at a time. Our cycle is literally a 5th vital sign and window into our overall health. It is a superpower waiting to be unlocked and I am here to make that accessible for you too.

    I am so sick and tired of all of the books, podcasts, programs, coaches, politics and the entire fucking world barely keeping us as an after thought.  Our existence is valid and worthy of a container where WE are seen, heard and the primary focus!

    I have made it my mission to create a container where gender nonconforming afabs are priority!

    It's time to have a space designed for gender nonconforming afabs to learn about their body and unlock their cyclical superpower!

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      "Frowning, he asked, "Are you a guy or a girl?"
      "I'm a god," the trickster said airily."

      — Rachael Arsenault



      I'm Alyssa Lilly (They/Them)

      I am a Self Embodiment Coach + Cyclical Living Expert here to support you. I am obsessed with creating an inclusive space for AFABs to unleash their radiance and wellbeing!

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